“Hikaru Skirt” changes Zettai Ryoiki to shinning “Komorebi Ryoiki”

Hikaru Skirt 光るスカート
“Hikaru Skirt”: lights up Zettai Ryoiki in blue.

“Zettai Ryoiki” is the area between girls’ skirts or shorts and knee length socks, where the skin is shown. A skirt that lights up this bewitching area was introduced.

This shining skirt is a wearable device to evolve “Zettai Ryoiki” to a “Komorebi Ryoiki” (literally “gently sun-shown area”). Member of Kayak Inc, creator Kiyoyuki Amano is the developer of this unique skirt which enabled fetishism and technology coexist. He is known as a big fan of anime, with motto “Pay attention to Japanese culture and formulate creative from original viewpoint”. Amano says,

“Wearable devices are attracting attention recently, and evolution of technology is gaining speed. I felt that fashion has also entered a new stage. Cosplay is a worldwide trend now, anime-like or SF fashion is hot.”

“What I thought was- if we can make a medium of everyday style fashion and special fashion like cosplays by technologies, that would be a brand new and cool item”

Some people consider this “Hikaru Skirt” as a mere art work, or one of gag lines. However, if you look at girls in Shibuya, they are wearing shining sneakers with LED attached to the soles. You might soon face many people wearing lighting clothes. This “Hikaru Skirt” by Amano is said to be under discussion for distribution and development penetration. You surely need close watch on this trend.

Hikaru Skirt 光るスカート

Hikaru Skirt 光るスカート
You might be able to change the color of your wearable device’s light to your mood soon.

Hikaru Skirt 光るスカート

Hikaru Skirt 光るスカート
You might see many girls with “Hikaru Skirt” in Akihabara.

Hikaru Skirt 光るスカート



“Zettai Ryoiki” expanding project “Hikaru Skirt”

KAYAK: Kiyoyuki Amano