Futuristic Maid Cafe & Bar Dream Machine Lab Debuts Idol Group

ドリーム・マシーン・ラボ Moon Flower
Koi Suru Getsumen Manju

Futuristic maid cafe and bar Androidol Cafe, located in Akasaka, Tokyo, recently remodeled and rebranded itself as Dream Machine Lab. On February 14th, Moon Flower #1, an idol group made of cafe employees, released their first single, “Koi Suru Getsumen Manju”.

The cafe is envisioned as being a place for humans to prepare for future life on the moon, and gives customers a chance to interact with “androids” of various personalities, including “scholar”, “independent”, and “creator”. Customers play the role of a cadet on a space shuttle, conversing with the female androids.

The cafe is known for Halloween, cosplay, schoolgirl, and other types of events that feature live singing and dancing on the in-cafe stage. The members of the new idol group were selected as the result of a monthly fan popularity vote, as well as based on their inherent talent and work performance.

The single is being sold as digital files on a small, circular device, the first in the world to be released in this form. The single’s three songs, “Koi Suru Getsumen Manju”, “Misoshin Box”, and “Pure Atom Boy”, were performed by the group’s 5 members, known as Chiinu, Chinatsu, Sachiko, Idoma, and Ekubo.

The single is being released in two different versions. The “A Type” (2,000 yen) includes a set of earphones, while the “B Type” (5,000 yen) comes with earphones and a T-shirt. It can be purchased at HMV record shop locations throughout Japan, as well as at Dream Machine Lab. The cafe’s hours of operations are 5:00 PM to 11:30 PM daily.

ドリーム・マシーン・ラボ Moon Flower
Moon Flower #1 group leader Chiinu

ドリーム・マシーン・ラボ Moon Flower
The androids of Dream Machine Lab.

ドリーム・マシーン・ラボ Moon Flower
Chiinu and Chinatsu holding a “play button” containing the single.

Moon Flower #1 – Koi Suru Getsumen Manju

Dream Machine Lab