“Love Live!” energetic Niko Yazawa picnic girl figure

ラブライブ!,矢澤にこ,Niko Yazawa,Love Live!
“Niko Yazawa picnic girl figure”

“Niko Yazawa picnic girl figure” will be released from School idol project “Love Live!”

Reward illustration of winning first place in “picnic girl” award, a vote to decide the girl “you want to go out for a picnic together in a refreshing early summer day” “who matches well with picnic-fashion” as one of projects in “Love Live!” Café campaign in AKIHABARA became a figure from Good Smile Company.

Healthy, energetic and dynamic pose is realized with precise reproduction of pleats and texture of clothes. You would definitely love to go out for a picnic on seeing her beaming smile.

1/8 scale, 200mm tall. Price is for 10,000 yen, tax included. Orders are accepted until September 9th 21:00 and planned to be shipped next March.

©2013 Project Love Live!

ラブライブ!,矢澤にこ,Niko Yazawa,Love Live!
“Love Live!” Niko Yazawa

ラブライブ!,矢澤にこ,Niko Yazawa,Love Live!
Healthy, energetic and dynamic pose is realized

ラブライブ!,矢澤にこ,Niko Yazawa,Love Live!
Pleats and texture of clothes precisely reproduced

“Niko Yazawa picnic girl figure”

Love Live!