“Your Lie in April” Kaori Miyazono Dress Figure Coming Soon

四月は君の嘘、Your Lie in April
Kaori Miyazono Dress Ver. 1/8th scale figure

Anime merchandise retailer Aniplex+ will be releasing an exclusive figure of violinist Kaori Miyazono from TV anime series “Your Lie in April”.

Based on a manga series by Naoshi Arakawa, TV anime “Your Lie in April” was the winner of the anime category in the 2016 Sugoi Japan Awards. The figure is based on an illustration by series character designer and chief animation director Yukiko Aikei, and was produced under her supervision.

The highly detailed figure depicts the innocent and youthful Kaori standing on her tiptoes while playing violin. Every aspect of the original illustration has been reproduced faithfully, from her replica violin to her flowing, white dress, made with transparent material for a sense of weightlessness.

The figure’s base is patterned after a clear, blue sky with white clouds. A 1/8th scale figure of a black cat, a recurring character in the anime series, is also included.

The figure retails for 11,000 yen, tax included. It will be released in late December.

© Naoshi Arakawa / Kodansha / “Your Lie in April” Production Committee
* Photos depict work in progress

四月は君の嘘、Your Lie in April
The figure reproduces Kaori’s youthful, innocent nature.

四月は君の嘘、Your Lie in April
Kaori’s violin is modeled in exacting detail.

四月は君の嘘、Your Lie in April
Reverse view

Kaori Miyazono Dress Ver. 1/8th Scale Figure

Your Lie in April