“Kizumonogatari Part 1: Tekketsu” Soundtrack to be Released on Vinyl

Theatrical animated film “Kizumonogatari” is divided into three parts: “Tekketsu”, “Nekketsu”, and “Reiketsu”.

On July 27th, the soundtrack for animated film “Kizumonogatari Part 1: Tekketsu” will receive a limited edition release as a vinyl record.

Based on a light novel by Nisio Isin, “Kizumonogatari” will be divided into three films, known as “Tekketsu”, “Nekketsu”, and “Reiketsu”. “Tekketsu” was released in Japanese theaters on January 8th, and the Blu-Ray edition will go on sale on July 27th, the same day as the soundtrack. The second film in the trilogy, “Nekketsu”, will premiere this summer.

The record will contain selections from the “Tekketsu” soundtrack chosen by composer Satoru Kosaki. Produced in a limited pressing, the record will be available exclusively through anime merchandise site Aniplex+.

The record retails for 2,800 yen, tax included. Customers who order the “Tekketsu” Blu-Ray release at the same time as the record will receive a bonus LP bag to hold the soundtrack.

© Nisio Isin / Kodansha / Aniplex / Shaft


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