Tokyo One Piece Tower Stage Show Updated to Add Trafalgar Law

東京ワンピースタワー,Tokyo One Piece Tower
One Piece Live Attraction 2

Tokyo One Piece Tower, a One Piece theme park located in Tokyo Tower Foot Town, revealed a new version of their live-action stage show on April 23rd.

The first large-scale entertainment facility based on the One Piece anime and manga series, the theme park includes attractions such as rides, live performances, restaurants, and shops with limited edition merchandise. The previous stage show, known as “One Piece Live Attraction: Welcome to Tongari Mystery Tour”, has been running since the park opened in March 2015.

The new stage show, titled “One Piece Live Attraction 2”, adds popular Straw Hat Pirate ally Trafalgar Law alongside an updated story. Combining cutting-edge technology and audience participation, the show is designed to be fun for guests of any age or nationality.

Tokyo One Piece Tower is open daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, with last entry at 9:00 PM. All-access tickets are available at the park’s entrance, costing 3,200 yen for ages 19 and up, 2,700 yen for middle school and high school students, and 1,600 yen for elementary school age and younger.

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東京ワンピースタワー,Tokyo One Piece Tower
Tokyo One Piece Tower

Tokyo One Piece Tower

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