Golgo 13 Joins Cup no Fuchiko Series

ゴルゴ13、コップのフチ子、Golgo 13
Sitting Golgo

Kitan Club has released a set of Cup no Fuchiko figures based on manga and anime series Golgo 13.

Based on the legendary manga Golgo 13, which currently has 286 million copies in print, the figures are part of the Cup no Fuchiko spinoff series Putitto. Like the original Cup no Fuchiko toys, the Golgo 13 figures are designed to hang off the side of a cup or glass.

The 6-figure series consists of 6 variations on expert sniper and main character Golgo 13. The figures include “Sitting Golgo”, “Sniper Golgo”, “Golgo Lying in Wait”, “Aiming Golgo”, “Infiltrator Golgo”, and one secret figure.

The figures went on sale in late August at capsule toy machines across Japan. Each figure retails for 400 yen.

© Takao Saito / Leed

ゴルゴ13、コップのフチ子、Golgo 13
Sniper Golgo

ゴルゴ13、コップのフチ子、Golgo 13
Golgo Lying in Wait

ゴルゴ13、コップのフチ子、Golgo 13
Aiming Golgo

ゴルゴ13、コップのフチ子、Golgo 13
Infiltrator Golgo

Putitto Golgo 13

Golgo 13/Saito Production Official Site