Attack on Titan Face Packs Transform Users into Titans

進撃の巨人 フェイスパック,Attack on Titan Face Packs
Transform yourself into a Titan while taking care of your skin with Attack on Titan face packs.

The newest entry in Isshin Do Honpo’s line of face pack beauty treatments is based on smash hit anime and manga series Attack on Titan.

The company’s “Design Face Pack” series has sold 1.1 million units since its inception 17 months ago, and was conceptualized as a uniquely Japanese brand spreading culture worldwide. The series has covered a wide range of cultural touchstones, with face packs based on kabuki, manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and rock band Kiss, among others.

The current Attack on Titan-themed release includes two individually-wrapped face packs based on the wall-smashing Colossus Titan and the smart and agile Female Titan. When applied to the face, the user is transformed into one of the terrifying creatures, making the face packs a perfect gift for any anime-loving beauty fan.

Product Name: Attack on Titan Face Packs (Colossus Titan & Female Titan)
Retail Price: 900 yen, tax included (2 masks)
Availability: Tokyu Hands (all locations), Haneda Airport, online retailers
Package Size: 120mm x 195mm
Active Ingredients: Hyaluronan, collagen, vitamin C

進撃の巨人 フェイスパック,Attack on Titan Face Packs
Choose from Colossus Titan and Female Titan face packs.

Attack on Titan Face Packs