“Hentai Kamen” Sequel Premieres May 14th in Japanese Theaters

HK/変態仮面,Hentai Kamen
Ryohei Suzuki has bulked up in his return to the role of Hentai Kamen.
© Keishu Ando / Shueisha / 2016 HK2 Production Committee

“Hentai Kamen: The Abnormal Crisis”, a sequel to 2013 live-action movie “Hentai Kamen”, will premiere in Japanese theaters on Saturday, May 14th.

The films are based on manga series “Kyukyoku!! Hentai Kamen”, serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump during the early ‘90s. Written by Keishu Ando, the series tells the story of high school student Kyosuke Shikijo, who wears panties on his head when fighting crime as superhero Hentai Kamen.

Kyosuke is portrayed in both films by actor Ryohei Suzuki. Much as he did for the first film, Suzuki prepared for the role by reducing his body fat to 8 percent and gaining 15 kilograms of muscle. His transformation was necessary for wearing Hentai Kamen’s costume of bikini briefs and fishnet stockings.

In addition to Suzuki, the sequel also features a strong supporting cast. Returning actors Fumika Shimizu, Tsuyoshi Muro, and Ken Yasuda are joined by a cast that includes Yuya Yagira, Sarutoki Minagawa, and Kyosuke Yabe.

Regardless of Ryohei Suzuki’s increased profile as of late, the actor has returned to reprise the role of Hentai Kamen. Director Yuichi Fukuda is particularly surprised by this, stating that, despite his starring roles in major TV shows and movies, Suzuki is still excited to portray the unusual superhero.

While the news reports on the widespread disappearance of panties, Kyosuke continues to wear Aiko’s underwear and fight crime. With mixed feelings, Aiko attempts to retrieve her panties, putting the two on an emotional collision course. As Hentai Kamen, Kyosuke must face his biggest challenge yet, fighting against losing Aiko while attempting to solve the mystery of the disappearing panties.

“Hentai Kamen: The Abnormal Crisis” Trailer

Hentai Kamen: The Abnormal Crisis