Explore Evangelion’s Tokyo-3 with “Evacon in Hakone” Bus Tour

Evacon in Hakone

On May 21st, fans of the Evangelion anime franchise can explore the inspiration for the series’ fictional city of Tokyo-3 with the Evacon in Hakone group fan outing and bus tour.

The event is co-produced by travel company Kinki Nippon Tourist and event planner Machicon Japan. The social outing will take travelers on a bus tour to Hakone, the inspiration for Evangelion’s setting of Tokyo-3, where they can view some of the real-life landmarks that appear in the series.

Lunch will be served at the Hakone Sengokuhara Prince Hotel, which will feature a special Evangelion-themed buffet meal. An AR smartphone app will help travelers with locating the famous Evangelion landmarks throughout Hakone, and participants will also receive limited edition presents for taking the tour.

Tickets are 16,800 yen, or 15,800 yen if participants meet the tour group in Hakone. Reservations will be available until 6:00 PM on May 9th.

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Rei Ayanami

Hakone served as the real-world inspiration for Tokyo-3.

Evacon in Hakone