Front Zippered Swimsuit Takes Japanese Internet by Storm

例の競泳水着,Front Zippered Swimsuit
Front zippered racing swimsuit costume
Navy blue/white, 8,640 yen (tax included)* Model measurements: height 168cm, bust 86cm, waist 60cm, hip 88cm (size large)

One recent meme to capture the attention of the Japanese internet is the front zippered racing swimsuit. The skintight, high-necked swimsuit features a double zipper in the front that can be opened to leave a large gap, making for a revealing outfit.

Best known for its appearances in 2D form, the swimsuit has been worn by characters in a wide variety of artwork, but these illustrations have a real-world counterpart. The inspiration is an actual outfit, produced by Japanese fetish swimsuit manufacturer Realise. The company’s high-quality swimsuits are produced domestically, and are far more durable than typical cosplay outfits.

The outfit was born out of a desire to create a swimsuit suitable for fetish purposes that did not require cutting holes in it first. The product was met with a hugely positive online response, resulting in a flood of artwork and photographs involving the new swimsuit.

Due to popular demand, Realise has released five new color combinations for the swimsuit, adding white/purple, red/black, navy blue/white, white/black, and black/white to the lineup. Compared to the previous releases, which were intended for the S&M and fetish markets, the new designs’ colors and materials seem to be catering to an otaku fanbase.

Despite the end of summer approaching, the swimsuits can still be worn this year when cosplaying. The new colors are currently available for preorder at Village Vanguard’s online store.

例の競泳水着,Front Zippered Swimsuit
White/purple, 8,640 yen (tax included)

例の競泳水着,Front Zippered Swimsuit
Red/black, 8,640 yen (tax included)

  例の競泳水着,Front Zippered Swimsuit
White/black, 8,640 yen (tax included)

例の競泳水着,Front Zippered Swimsuit
Black/white, 8,640 yen (tax included)

例の競泳水着,Front Zippered Swimsuit
The swimsuits are an extremely tight fit, so customers who normally wear a small or medium should choose a size large instead.

Front Zippered Racing Swimsuit Costume (Village Vanguard Preorder Page)