Devolver Digital CEO Offers to Develop New Seaman Game

Seaman シーマン
Tweet from Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker to Sega

Originally released in 2000 for the Sega Dreamcast, cult classic game Seaman tasks players with raising a humanoid fish to adulthood by conversing with it. Recently, an American video game publisher has expressed interest in continuing the series.

Fork Parker, CFO and co-founder of Texas-based publisher Devolver Digital, recently Tweeted at Sega asking for the rights to develop a new Seaman game, ostensibly for mobile, PC, or another modern platform better-suited for the game’s voice recognition mechanic. Parker has expressed serious interest in continuing the series, also directly contacting Yoot Saito, the original game’s creator.

Devolver Digital is best known for publishing action games such as Serious Sam 3, Hotline Miami, and Shadow Warrior, among others. Now that voice recognition technology has evolved to its current point, it will be interesting to consider the possibility of reviving the Seaman series.

Tweet from Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker to Sega

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