Hokkaido Virtual Idol Kamui Kitano Releases Debut Major-Label CD

Kamui Kitano 北乃カムイ
kamui.jpg: Major-label debut single “Sei no! de ‘Ohayo Teizan’ / Come Here!”

On January 28th, Hokkaido educational virtual idol Kamui Kitano released her debut major-label CD.

Star of her own radio show on Hokkaido station HBC Radio, virtual idol Kamui also performed the opening and ending themes to her own program. Those two songs, “Ohayo Teizan” and “Come Here!”, are being released as her first CD single.

Created to publicize Hokkaido throughout Japan, the creative minds that contribute to Kamui’s existence were recruited entirely from the Hokkaido region. Kamui’s voice actress was selected from an island-wide audition, and the radio program’s songs were the result of listener submissions. The songs for the CD single were recorded in a Hokkaido studio, and the artwork was created by a Hokkaido-based company. The project aims to change the conventional idea that musicians need to move to Tokyo in order to succeed, and is instead trying to foster creative talents based in Hokkaido.

The project is also currently undertaking a variety of collaborative initiatives with Hokkaido companies, teaming up with a Muroran natto manufacturer to create Kamui natto and a Hokkaido guarana drink company to release a Kamui guarana energy drink. These projects, in addition to the CD, are the first in a series of efforts to stimulate Hokkaido’s economy.


Kamui Kitano Official Site (Illustration by KEI)

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