“Genocidal Organ” and others by Keikaku Itoh filmized

Genocidal Organ 虐殺器官
“Genocidal Organ”, a new-future after nuclear war with endless civil war and ethnic conflicts.

Keikaku Itoh passed away at the age of 39 in 2009, only working for two years after his debut as a promising SF writer. Though there are only few works, it is not too much to say that all of his works are masterpieces, still generating crazed fans.

His original novels will be made into animation film “noitaminA movie 2nd” in Fuji television’s midnight animation time frame.

Under the title of “Project Itoh”, all Itoh’s novels including debut work “Genocidal Organ”, last novel “Harmony” and “The Empire or Corpses”, which was completed by Itoh’s sworn friend and Akutagawa Prize winner EnJoeToh, will be made into movies.

“Genocidal Organ” will be directed by Shuko Murase, director of SF work “Ergo Proxy”, with production team manglobe that took care of SAMURAI CHAMPLOO. Two directors, “AKIRA”’s Takashi Nakamura and Michael Arias of “TEKKON KINKREET BLACK & WHITE”, with elite creators team STUDIO4C will be taking care of “Harmony”. And Ryotaro Makihara from “Hal” and WIT STUDIO from “Attack on Titan” will be working together for “The Empire or Corpses”. Character drafts of all three works will be by redjuice from supercell.

All three films are scheduled to be screened in 2015, but details are not fixed. Let’s read the original novels to be prepared. Magazine Newtype is now planning of making “Genocidal Organ” and “Harmony”’s manga as one of its 30th anniversary. Do check this project out as well.

Genocidal Organ 虐殺器官
“Harmony”, late 21st century new-future medical suspense, drawing high-leveled medical economy society.
©Project Itoh / HARMONY

Genocidal Organ 虐殺器官
Itoh passed away after writing first thirty pages of steampunk SF “The Empire or Corpses”. EnJoe took over for completion.
©Project Itoh & Toh EnJoe / THE EMPIRE OF CORPSES

“Project Itoh” Promotion Video

Keikaku Itoh “Genocidal Organ” Animation cut released

“Harmony” pre-cut Promotion video

Keikaku Itoh “Project Itoh”