Be the only original “Koppu no Fuchiko” for 378,000 yen

Koppu no Fuchiko コップのフチ子
Katsuki Tanaka, the original creator of “Koppu no Fuchiko” will draw illustrations based on purchaser’s picture. (Image of the illustration) ©Katsuki Tanaka / KITAN CLUB

“Koppu no Fuchi no Watashi”, meaning “myself on edge of cup”, a “Koppu no Fuchiko” having yourself as a motif, is currently sold by lot for limited one customer.

This item came out from special project “Dream price 2015” of magazine “BRUTUS”. This issue featured in “making dreams come true, and make them open-to-buy”, and one of the projects was to realize your dream of becoming “Fuchiko”.

“Koppu no Fuchiko” is originally a capsule toy created by Kitan club and Katsuki Tanaka, which could be hung at the edge of a cup in various poses. This series became popular and sold over seven million “Fuchiko”s.

Faithful replica “Koppu no Fuchi no Watashi” will be made based on Katsuki Tanaka’s illustration, which would be drawn from the purchaser’s picture. Hair styles and clothes will be elaborately made only for yourself, delivered with original illustration with Katsuki Tanaka’s autograph.

The price is 378,000 yen. Application is accepted until March 31st. purchaser will be announced in early April, and the item itself will be delivered in late May.

Koppu no Fuchiko コップのフチ子
Formal-unofficial-publicist “Koppu no Shikiko”, as image model.

Koppu no Fuchiko コップのフチ子
Hair styles and clothes will be elaborately made.

Koppu no Fuchiko コップのフチ子
Magazine “BRUTUS”

Koppu no Fuchi no Watashi