Capsule Toy Series Features Mysterious Girl with Hidden Face

「僕は隠崎の顔を見たことがない」,I’ve Never Seen Kakurezaki’s Face
I’ve Never Seen Kakurezaki’s Face

Kadokawa-operated capsule toy brand K-Capsule Artist Label, or KCAL, has released “I’ve Never Seen Kakurezaki’s Face”, a series of toys depicting a mysterious girl with a hidden face.

The KCAL brand features toys based on original characters from a wide range of artists and creative minds. The brand’s first release depicts high school student Kakurezaki, a secretive girl who never reveals her face. The five-figure series poses Kakurezaki in a variety of situations, including eating lunch, falling down, going to gym class, crawling on the ground, and playing with a cat, all of which hide her face with cleverly-placed props.

Available from capsule toy machines across Japan, each figure retails for 300 yen. A boxed set due to be released on June 17th will include an exclusive gold version of the crawling figure. A promotional video for the series has been released on YouTube.


“I’ve Never Seen Kakurezaki’s Face” Promo Video

「僕は隠崎の顔を見たことがない」,I’ve Never Seen Kakurezaki’s Face
The figure series depicts mysterious, face-hiding schoolgirl Kakurezaki.

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