Inori Minase’s Kyoto Character Gets Special Exhibit, Candy for Kyomaf


An anthropomorphized character based on the city of Kyoto, created for Kyomaf 2016 by official spokesperson Inori Minase, is the subject of an exhibit at the Kyoto International Manga Museum from July 14th through September 18th. Special candy based on the character is also on sale.

The Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2016, one of western Japan’s biggest manga and anime events, will be held in Kyoto on September 17th and 18th. Voice actress and Kyomaf 2016 representative Inori Minase created her own rendition of a Kyoto mascot, based on the city of Kyoto itself, at a press conference promoting the event. Known as Maiko Yatsuhashi, the character’s name is derived from Kyoto’s famous maiko traditional performers and yatsuhashi rice flour candy.

Limited edition yatsuhashi candy featuring artwork of Minase’s character was revealed at a Kyomaf 2016 press conference held at Kyoto’s Nijo Castle on July 14th. Presented as a gift to the press conference’s speakers, the candy was created by Minase, and consists of a raw yatsuhashi base filled with sweet red bean paste. The candy was produced by long-established Kyoto confectionary manufacturer Shogoin Yatsuhashi.

Upon sampling the candy, which resembles Maiko Yatsuhashi, Minase remarked that it was almost too cute to eat. Due to the extremely short shelf life of raw yatsuhashi, the candy will be available to purchase in limited quantities exclusively at Kyomaf 2016.



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