Music from Go Nagai’s Works to Receive Orchestral Performance

Go Nagai x Orchestra: Dynamic Concert

An orchestral performance titled Go Nagai x Orchestra: Dynamic Concert will be held on September 18th at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre in Toshima, Tokyo.

Manga artist Go Nagai is known as the creator of series such as “Mazinger Z”, “Devilman”, and “Cutie Honey”. Next year marks the 50th anniversary of his professional debut, but his creations remain relevant to this day, evidenced by the release of a “Cutie Honey” live-action film adaptation this October.

The upcoming concert will consist of selections from Nagai’s anime series performed by a full orchestra. The performance will be accompanied by visuals from the original series to complete the nostalgic experience.

The concert will also feature an appearance from pioneering anison artist Ichiro Mizuki, known for the “Mazinger Z” theme song, among other Nagai series. The music will be performed by the Tokyo New City Orchestra, conducted by Kazuki Wada.

Performances will be held at 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM, with doors opening 45 minutes before each performance. Tickets are available for 7,000 yen (S-level), 6,000 yen (A-level), and 5,000 yen (B-level). All tickets are reserved seating, and admission is limited to elementary school age and older. Tickets are currently available from Kyodo Tokyo and other ticket agencies.

Go Nagai
Famous pieces from Go Nagai series will be performed by a full orchestra.

Ichiro Mizuki
Anison pioneer Ichiro Mizuki will also be appearing.

Go Nagai
Go Nagai has influenced countless manga artists.

Go Nagai x Orchestra: Dynamic Concert