"Stocking them all!" Get the original "sticky notes with characters" in the PILOT ×Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan  黒鉛の衝動キャンペーン
"Attack on Titan "

"GRAPHITE DRIVE CAMPAIGN" is on by collaboration of "Attack on Titan " and "NEOX GRAPHITE", refills for lead holders on sale by the PILOT COOPERATION.

In this campaign, everybody gets the original "Attack on Titan , character sticky notes" on purchase of limited campaign packages of "NEOX GRAPHITE" during the campaign period as well as having original clear file sets won by a draw of postcards when entry tickets are collected and applications are made.

There are 10 types in all of "character sticky notes". EREN, MIKASA, ARMIN, ANI, HANSI, JAN, KRISTA, SASCHA and RIVAI come in two types, the sticky notes have balloons and you can write in your messages there. When you collect all ten types and line up the back paper, the letters of "Attack on Titan " are completed! Isn’t it cool? This contraption can be enjoyed even after all the sticky notes are used up. The price is 200 yens per 1 package (without tax). Since the free gift of sticky notes is terminated once the target product is finished, those of you who want to get the character of your choice or wish to complete all types, that is "stock all types" should hurry up and check!

Also on sale are 3 types of sets of lead holders "DR. GRIP CL" each designed with EREN, MIKASA AND RIVAI with refill leads "NEOX GRAPHITE" (price without tax, 700 yens). You also get one package of "Attack on Titan , character sticky notes".

Furthermore, when you apply by postcard after collecting 2 entry tickets on the target products, one kind of the original clear file sets among the "EREN set (three piece set)", "RIVAI set (three piece set)" and "MIKASA set (three piece set)" is each given to 600 people by a lucky draw. The first deadline for applications is March 31, 2015 and the second deadline is June 30, 2015. Destinations for the application postcards and details can be confirmed on the "GRAPHITE DRIVE CAMPAIGN" site.


"Attack on Titan "

"Attack on Titan "