“Tokyo Ghoul” Mobile Battery Packs Coming Soon in New Designs

Tokyo Ghoul 東京喰種トーキョーグール
Mobile battery packs featuring characters from TV anime series “Tokyo Ghoul” are coming in January.

Mobile phone battery pack manufacturer A3 will be releasing a series of 10 battery packs in their “Chara Charge” product line featuring new designs based on TV anime series “Tokyo Ghoul”.

The “Chara Charge” series features high-quality images of anime characters on the front of slim, portable battery packs, capable of charging iPhones, Android smartphones, portable game devices, and iPads, among other mobile electronics. A fully-charged pack is capable of recharging a smartphone over 1.5 times, and the long-lasting lithium polymer batteries are good for over 500 charge cycles. Each pack also features an LED display that reflects the battery pack’s remaining power level.

Each battery pack retails for 5,000 yen, plus tax. Preorders will be available through A3’s web site until January 10th, 2015, and orders will ship in mid-January.

© Sui Ishida / Shueisha / Tokyo Ghoul Production Committee


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