Kyomaf 2016 “Black Butler” Cafe Recruits Kyoto Brands for First Official Merchandise

“Black Butler” Cafe (C)Yana Toboso/SQUARE ENIX

Yuki Chaya, a cafe based on manga and anime series “Black Butler” created to promote the Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2016 on September 17th and 18th, has released the first wave of official cafe merchandise, produced by Kyoto pottery maker Sione and nail polish manufacturer Ueba Esou.

The cafe is a Japanese-style take on popular Harajuku and Osaka “Black Butler” eatery Funtom Cafe. In addition to theme dishes such as Salisbury steak and Kyoto-style udon, the cafe has also planned a series of limited edition merchandise sales.

Kyoto-based pottery brand Sione combines Kyoto artisanal style with the china manufacturing techniques of pioneering towns Arita and Hasami. Sione brand designer Shoko Kawahara has created two separate plates based on “Black Butler” main characters Sebastian and Ciel, decorated with roses and lilies, respectively.

Each plate is packaged in a box designed to resemble a book printed with items symbolic of its respective character, designed by series creator Yana Toboso. The inside cover of the Sebastian box contains a letter to Ciel, while the Ciel box displays a note to Sebastian. Each plate retails for 4,500 yen, and is limited to 100 units produced of each version. After the initial production run sells out, the plates will also be available to purchase at Kyomaf 2016.

The cafe has also teamed up with 260-year-old Kyoto cosmetics manufacturer Ueba Esou for a special edition of the company’s Gofun Nail water-based nail polish. Six different varieties are available, each based on a “Black Butler” character and featuring a label designed by Yana Toboso.

The nail polish lineup includes jet black (Sebastian), sky blue (Ciel), crimson (Grell), light green (Undertaker), blue-white (Vincent), and white (Grey), each retailing for 1,300 yen. A set of three bottles, including Sebastian, Ciel, and clear super coat varieties, is available for 4,200 yen, and is packaged in a Yana Toboso-designed box.

“Black Butler” Cafe

Black Butler cafe
Black Butler×SIONE POTTERY BOOK 「Sebastian」

Black Butler cafe
Black Butler×SIONE POTTERY BOOK 「Ciel」

Black Butler cafe
nail polish manufacturer Ueba Esou.

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