Tsundere Little Sister Robot Vacuum Cleaner Rolls its Way Into Your Heart

Premium Cocorobo (Imouto Ver.) プレミアムなCOCOROBO <妹Ver.>
Premium Cocorobo (Imouto Ver.)

For those who want the experience of living with a tsundere little sister, Sharp has come up with an unconventional solution: a talking version of its cloud-enabled Cocorobo robotic vacuum cleaner with a tsundere “imouto” personality.

The vacuum cleaner, titled “Premium Cocorobo Imouto Ver.”, is the result of a collaboration between Sharp, voice actress Ibuki Kido, and manga artist Kinusa Shimotsuki. The robotic vacuum cleaner features an original character, known as Cocorobo-chan, who responds to voice commands and conversations and responds in a cute voice.

For example, if asked what to eat for dinner, Cocorobo-chan might respond with a suggestion of hot pot stew. True to her tsundere personality, if praised for doing a skillful job vacuuming, the vacuum cleaner will state in an embarrassed voice that she didn’t do it because she wanted to be praised by her owner. Cocorobo-chan will also expound on a variety of topics, including her particular interest in fish and other cuisine. Her vocabulary has been developed as the result of feedback from beta testers, and thanks to its cloud capabilities, it contains a massive speech repository, allowing for users to have realistic conversations with a cute little sister.

The vacuum cleaner is also capable of acting as an alarm clock, providing weather alerts, and reading news from a cloud bulletin service run by Sharp. It possesses the same cleaning capabilities as the RX-V200 (http://www.sharp.co.jp/cocorobo/product/v200/index.html), Sharp’s top-of-the-line robotic vacuum model. It retails for 148,000 yen, tax included, and will be released in a limited production run starting on Monday, December 15th.

Premium Cocorobo (Imouto Ver.) プレミアムなCOCOROBO <妹Ver.>

Cocorobo-chan © Kinusa Shimotsuki
Hometown: Aomori Prefecture
Hobbies: Fishing, talking, eating
Best School Subject: Geography
Favorite Food: Filefish sashimi with soy sauce


Premium Cocorobo (Imouto Ver.) プレミアムなCOCOROBO <妹Ver.>
Cocorobo-chan (Alternate version) © Kinusa Shimotsuki

Premium Cocorobo (Imouto Ver.) プレミアムなCOCOROBO <妹Ver.>
Cloud-chan © Kinusa Shimotsuki

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