"Assassination Classroom" collaborates with Real Escape Game! Escape from Class E as it is attacked by hitmen

Assassination Classroom 暗殺教室
Assassination Classroom

The hands-on interactive puzzle-solving event "Real Escape Game" is collaborating with the manga "Assassination Classroom" to bring an event called "Escape from Assassination Classroom", starting February 10th at the Tokyo venue and traveling to Osaka, Kyoto, and Kanagawa.

In a "Real Escape Game", participants become the players, using their intellect and bodies to solve the clues scattered throughout the venue and escape from the locked room. Rooms are used in abandoned schools and hospitals, amusement parks, and more, developing various characteristic stories and puzzles.

"Assassination Classroom" is a manga currently being serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump". An anime broadcast is set to run starting January 9th, 2015, and a live action film will be released to the public on March 21st.

"Escape from Assassination Classroom" is set in Kunugigaoka Junior High School's Class 3-E as it is attacked by hitmen seeking to assassinate Korosensei. With all means of communication shut down and with Korosensei missing, the game's premise is to escape from the classroom full of traps.

The exhibition dates are, at the Tokyo Venue: February 10th – April 29th, Osaka Venue: February 17th – April 19th, Kyoto Venue: March 27–29th, Kanagawa Venue: March 14th, April 11–12th. The entry fee is ¥2,880 booked in advance, ¥2,260 booked in advance for students, and ¥3,390 the day of. Find out how to purchase tickets and more at the homepage.

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