The “panting” “Higanjima Deluxe” to be released October 15th

Higanjima Deluxe
Poster with all major casts. Heroic battle starts at Higanjima in hell; no one is allowed to neither live nor die. (c)2016 “Higanjima” Production Committee


Higanjima is a popular manga serialized on Weekly Young Magazine from 2002, by Koji Matsumoto. Sequel series “Higanjima: Saigo no 47 Nichikan” was serialized right after completion of the original series in 2010, then another sequel, “Higanjima 48 Nichigo…” is currently serialized.

Following live-action movie released in 2010 and TV drama series on-aired in2013, it is now gathering attention with its new movie. Under the name of “Higanjima Deluxe”, it will be a story about the showdown of Miyamotos, one of the most popular episodes.

Akira Miyamoto will be acted by Syunya Shiraishi, who portrayed Haruto Soma in Kamen Rider Wizard. Akira’s brother, Atsushi will be acted by brilliant actor Ryohei Suzuki who head the cast for “HK: Hentai Kamen”. Yuki will be portrayed by Minami Sakurai for Miki Kanzaki in live action “Yowamushi Pedal”.

“Higanjima” is also famous for its “panting”. According to a research by enthusiastic fan, the onomatopoeia for panting was used over ten thousand times. To meet fan’s expectation, the coming movie might turn out to be a work with more panting. The movie will be released from October 15th.

Trailer for “Higanjima Deluxe”

Original movie of “Higanjima Deluxe” by Koji Matsumoto

Higanjima Deluxe
Left: Akira Miyamoto (Syunya Shiraishi). Right: Atsushi Miyamoto (Ryohei Suzuki) (c)2016 “Higanjima” Production Committee

Higanjima Deluxe
Oni”, giant monsters which vampires turned into, are reproduced by latest CG technology.(c)2016 “Higanjima” Production Committee

Higanjima Deluxe