Kitan Club Releases Japanese-Style Building Cornerstone Capsule Toys

Teiso Magnet A, modeled after the cornerstones used to hide time capsules. It measures approximately 40mm across.

Capsule toy manufacturer Kitan Club, best known for the Cup no Fuchiko figure series, has released a new line of toys based on the engraved cornerstones seen on Japanese buildings.

The origin of the stones, known as “teiso”, is a mystery even to most Japanese people. The stones were originally used as a foundation for support posts and other structural aspects of Japanese buildings, and came to be known as a signifier for new construction.

With the introduction of modern construction techniques, the stones became unnecessary as an aspect of a foundation, and is instead used to specify the date of the building’s completion. A ceremony is often held to commemorate the installation of the cornerstones, which are sometimes placed on top of metal boxes that serve as time capsules.

The new series of capsule toys released by Kitan Club includes magnets based on the standard teiso plates seen on the sides of buildings, as well as paperweights modeled after the larger stones seen in front of structures. Each of the two types is available in black, red, and gray color variations, and are designed to resemble the granite used for actual cornerstones.

The toys were released on Tuesday, August 2nd, and are available at capsule toy machines across Japan. Each toy retails for 200 yen.

Kitan Club
Teiso Magnet B

Kitan Club
Teiso Magnet C

Kitan Club
Teiso Paperweight A, also measuring 40mm across.

Kitan Club
Teiso Paperweight B

Kitan Club
Teiso Paperweight C

Teiso Magnets & Paperweights (Kitan Club)