The Retrospective Exhibition of Director Satoshi Kon is being held in Suginami, Tokyo -- the exhibition of the manuscripts and anime materials of his cartoonist period, as well as the screening of his movies.

Satoshi Kon 今 敏
"Satoshi Kon Retrospective Exhibition 2014"
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"Satoshi Kon Retrospective Exhibition 2014" is being held at the Suginami Animation Museum from October 29 until November 25.

Director Satoshi Kon, made his debut as a film director with the animation movie,"Perfect Blue (released in 1998)". Thereafter, he gave the world "Millennium Actress (2002)", "Tokyo Godfathers (2003)", "Paprika (2006)", etc. Renowned for his realistic depiction, refined screen creations and his style that fused fiction and reality, etc, he had many fans overseas as well. He suddenly passed away in 2010 at the age of 46.

This event will not only retrace the course of his creativity, but it will also reintroduce what he and his works has meant to the present generation, as well as to generations ranging in all ages and throughout the world.

There will be the screening of "Millennium Actress", "Tokyo Godfathers", "Paprika" and "Paranoia Agent",(Episode 1), and countless manuscripts of cartoons which constituted the starting point of Director Satoshi Kon's career. Panels of his anime creations, cell animation, "screen settings" and related materials, as well as the video clips of his interviews will also be featured. A related event, "The Corner for Messages to Director Satoshi Kon" will also be open.

Museum hours: 10:00 to 18::00 (Open until 16:00 on the last day of the event). Closed on Mondays,(when Monday falls on a national holiday, it will be open but the following day will be closed). During the New Year Holidays, it will be closed from December 28 to January 5. Admission free.

"Satoshi Kon Retrospective Exhibition 2014"