Win Prizes with “A Silent Voice” Stamp Collecting Contest in Series’ Setting of Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture

A Silent Voice
“A Silent Voice” Stamp Collecting Contest in Ogaki
© Yoshitoki Oima / Kodansha / A Silent Voice Movie Production Committee

On September 2nd through October 2nd, anime “holy land” database site Seichi Junrei Map is holding a stamp collecting contest based on upcoming theatrical anime film “A Silent Voice”. The contest, which utilizes the site’s iBeacon smartphone app, takes place in the anime’s setting of Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture.

Originally published in Weekly Shonen Magazine, manga series “A Silent Voice” has shipped over 3 million volumes to date. The dramatic series tells the story of Shoko, a deaf girl, and Shoya, the boy who used to bully her. Produced by Kyoto Animation, the theatrical anime adaptation will premiere in Japanese theaters on September 17th.

The stamp collecting contest is taking place in Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture, the hometown of series creator Yoshitoki Oima and the inspiration for the series’ fictional setting. The contest will take participants to seven different spots throughout Ogaki that appear in famous scenes from the series. After checking in at all seven spots and registering through a Twitter contest, players will be entered to win one of 300 exclusive “A Silent Voice” prizes.

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