Display set “Dioramansion” just fits your Nendoroid petit series

“Live stage” surely goes with your idol-figures. For 1,620 yen (tax included)

Mini-sized figures are now high-qualitied, and cheap enough for us to collect. But when displaying, you might feel bored just to make them stand in a row. Neither, too much to buy a special acrylic case for them. This mini display set “Dioramansion” was developed for such Nendoroid collectors.

“Dioramansion” works both as a shooting set as well as display space, with its compact panels 100mm wide and tall. Its price, around 1,500 yen is also “compact” enough for your collection.

Moreover by attaching multiple cubicles, you can enlarge the space as tall as, or as wide as you want as if it is your own “mansion”. Natsuki Shimizu, from manufacturer PLM’s Sales Promotion Department says;

“Display your favorite character’s mini-figures or plastic models by Dioramansion! Hope you can enjoy freely by taking pictures, or make your characters play in it. You can also add optional parts for your original mansion. Please watch out for Dioramansion’s release information on twitter (@plmcoltd)!”

This “Dioramansion” can settle various characters with different tastes in one place. You will never have to retire your favorites by displaying them in their “homes”.

“Dioramansion” lineups: “Japanese style room”, “Prison”, “Beach” and “Live stage” are popular.

By using special clips (sold as options), you can enlarge your mansion to any direction: Option part A (top) and B (bottom) are both for 324 yen each (tax included).

Example using Option part A.

Example using Option part B.

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