“Cardcaptor Sakura” Original Artwork Exhibition Celebrates Clamp’s 25th Anniversary

“Cardcaptor Sakura” Original Artwork Exhibition カードキャプターさくら 原画展
“Cardcaptor Sakura” Original Artwork Exhibition

An exhibition of original artwork from manga series “Cardcaptor Sakura” will be coming to Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.

The event is celebrating the 25th anniversary of creators Clamp, as well as the 60th anniversary of manga serial Nakayoshi. Magical girl series “Cardcaptor Sakura” was serialized in the magazine from 1996 to 2000, and was made into anime and movie adaptations. The series’ themes of love and magic spread by main character Sakura contributed to its incredible popularity among children and preteens and its continuing relevance to today’s generation.

The event will give visitors a look into the world of “Cardcaptor Sakura”, displaying original artwork from the series. Visitors will have the chance to experience the emotional and magical story Clamp has created all over again.

The exhibition will be held at Tokyo Solamachi from December 27th to January 4th, 2015, Nagoya Maruei from February 26th to March 3rd, and Osaka’s Shinsaibashi Daimaru from March 21st to 29th. Advance tickets will go on sale on November 1st for 1,000 yen, and advance tickets accompanied by limited edition merchandise will cost 3,000 yen.

“Cardcaptor Sakura” Original Artwork Exhibition