Produced into a figure from a life-size statue, Hozuki Ferrari from “Galileidonna”

Hozuki Ferrari 星月・フェラーリ
Expression and movement of the hair are finely expressed

The third sister from the three Ferrari sisters, “Hozuki Ferrari” from “Galileidonna” broadcast in the Fuji TV late night animation slot, “Noitamina” appears from ALTER.

Based on 3D data of the much talked about life-size statue displayed in the Noitamina Shop, this is in 1/8 scale and three dimensions. The prototype model creator is the 【CURVE】 Design Co-Co and the coloring is by Yasuhiro Watanabe.
Based on the setting that she is a descendant of Galileo Galilei and loves science, she poses with the tools which she carries around at all times. The hourglass like pendant fit into a goldfish shaped frame becoming a key item in the work is also correctly reproduced.
The work expresses the innocent cuteness with upturned eyes and nodding her head to one side. Although the posing is simple being captured from a life-size statue, the expression and gesture are made in high quality seen from any angle.
The sale is planned in November. The price is 8,800yens (without tax).

Hozuki Ferrari 星月・フェラーリ
Full body

Hozuki Ferrari 星月・フェラーリ
Seen from the back

“Hozuki Ferrari”
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