Viral Video Shows High School Boy Instantly Transform Into Bodybuilding Stud

“Brainwave Controlled Muscle Suit Ver. 3”

Following the overwhelming success of their recent “High School Ninja Girl” viral video, which racked up over 6 million plays in only 6 weeks, on Friday, August 29th, Suntory soda brand C.C. Lemon released the latest entry in their summer video series on YouTube, the high school love story “Brainwave Controlled Muscle Suit Ver. 3”.

The video stars a weak-looking, hairband-sporting 17-year-old high school boy, trying to protect a female classmate from the advances of three juvenile delinquents. The boy activates his secret weapon, an inflatable muscle suit worn beneath his clothing, triggered by brain activity detected by his hairband.

The video was produced, directed, and edited by Shota Mori, famous for his video demonstrating his quick-draw iPhone sleeve. The muscle suit was created by robotics development and production company YUKAI Engineering.

The video takes a different approach from the previous “High School Ninja Girl” short, but still proves to be unique and entertaining. The internet collectively awaits the next entry in Suntory’s “Summer Video Project” series.