Souvenir Miniature Figures from Kaiyodo Coming to Haneda Airport

Tokyo Figure Miyage 東京フィギュアみやげ
Sumo wrestler

Starting August 29th, a series of limited edition miniature figures produced by Kaiyodo will be sold at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.

The figure series, known as “Tokyo Figure Miyage”, is a continuation of the popular “Hokkaido Figure Miyage” series, which has sold over 600 thousand units at Hokkaido’s New Chitose Airport and has required two additional production runs to meet demand. The upcoming release consists of miniature versions of Tokyo landmarks and icons, including a paper lantern from Kaminari-mon, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings, a plate of soba noodles, a sumo wrestler, and a taiyaki and teapot.

In addition, each terminal of the airport will be selling a different limited edition figure designed to reflect Tokyo’s otaku culture. Terminal 1 will be selling a figure depicting a girl dressed in a pilot’s uniform, while visitors to Terminal 2 will be able to purchase a figure of a girl wearing a cabin attendant’s outfit. The figures were based on illustrations by artist Kippu, character designer for anime series “No-rin”, and modeled by sculptor BOME.

The figures will be sold at capsule toy vending machines in Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal 1 and 2. Each figure retails for 400 yen, plus tax. From 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM on the day of the figures’ release, a special event titled “Figure World by Kenelephant” will be held at the event space located in the 2nd floor marketplace of Terminal 1. The event will feature the chance to take photographs with a life-sized capsule, as well as one free toy from a capsule toy vending machine.

Tokyo Figure Miyage 東京フィギュアみやげ
Paper lantern from Kaminari-mon

Tokyo Figur Miyage 東京フィギュアみやげ
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings

Tokyo Figure Miyage 東京フィギュアみやげ
Soba noodles

Tokyo Figure Miyage 東京フィギュアみやげ
Taiyaki and teapot

Tokyo Figure Miyage 東京フィギュアみやげ
Pilot cosplay girl, exclusive to Terminal 1

Tokyo Figure Miyage 東京フィギュアみやげ
Cabin attendant cosplay girl, exclusive to Terminal 2

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