Following Mario, Luigi has also become an action figure! The Play Set of Pakkun Flowers and Clay Pipes, etc, will also be released.

Luigi S.H.Figuarts ルイージ
"S.H. Figuarts Luigi" and "S.H. Figuarts Mario" ©Nintendo

The Bandai Collectors Division will be releasing "S.H. Figuarts Luigi" in December.

This is a product that will come on the scene, following "S.H. Figuarts Mario" which can be enjoyed by reproducing the world view of "Super Mario" that was released in May.

Luigi comes with such accessories as Red Shell and Brick Blocks, etc. Precisely because Luigi is an action figures, he can strike all kinds of poses.

"S.H.Figuarts Super Mario who will play with you! Play Set C", (2,808 yen), released at the same time, comes with Pakkun Flowers, Clay Pipes, Mets, Coins and "Coin Struts". By combining them with Mario and with other play sets, you can reproduce the "Game World" and enjoy playing in it.

Price: The figure is 3,564 yen (including tax); the Play Set C is 2,808 yen (including tax).


Luigi S.H.Figuarts ルイージ
"S.H. Figuarts Luigi"©Nintendo

Luigi S.H.Figuarts ルイージ
The accessories consist of Red Shell and Brick Blocks, etc.©Nintendo

Luigi S.H.Figuarts ルイージ
You can reproduce the "Game World" by combining them with the play set.©Nintendo

Luigi S.H.Figuarts ルイージ
"S.H.Figuarts Super Mario who will play with you! Play Set C"©Nintendo

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