Miracle gadget makes “Your” DORAEMON floats in the air

Glico STAND BY ME Doraemon グリコ×STAND BY ME ドラえもん
DORAEMON in your original color, starts to flow!

Glico released products collaborating with 3DCG animation film “STAND BY ME Doraemon” on 1st July, which is currently attracting attention for its campaign using the package of the product, and smartphone’s application.

There are line-illustrations of DORAEMON printed on the products’ package. Just color them with your favorite colors, and take picture with the application available online. Guess what… you will find DORAEMON exactly in the colors you colored, floating in the air!

Many pictures of originally-colored floating DORAEMONs are now up in Twitter and other SNS. This campaign entrances all men and women, child to adults.

Collaboration products includes: “STAND BY ME Doraemon Glico”, “STAND BY ME Doraemon Canned Bisco ” “Pocky Happy Assort” (with dorayaki flavor). 9 out of 23 products goes with the application.

After enjoying sweet treats, do look for some colored pencils left in your drawers, and try making your original DORAEMON float!

Glico STAND BY ME Doraemon グリコ×STAND BY ME ドラえもん
You only have to take pictures by your smartphone.

Glico “Moving coloring picture” smartphone application introduction website
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