“Detective Conan” Treasure Hunt Held in Tottori Prefecture

“Detective Conan” Treasure Hunt 青山剛昌キャラクター コナン×キッド×ヤイバ 神話の国の秘宝伝
Go sightseeing in Tottori Prefecture with Conan, Kaito, and Yaiba, and take part in a real treasure hunt.

From July 19th to September 23rd, a real-life treasure hunt is being held in Tottori Prefecture, Japan, based on characters from manga artist Gosho Aoyama’s manga series “Detective Conan”, “Magic Kaito”, and “Yaiba”.

The treasure hunt is the latest in a series of events recognizing Aoyama by his birthplace of Tottori, which also serves as the setting for several of his series, and is part of the “Manga Kingdom Tottori” initiative that started in 2012. The event will consist of three separate treasure hunts, held in western, central, and eastern Tottori, with original stories based on characters Conan, Kaito Kid, and Yaiba, respectively. Participants have to decode treasure maps while exploring the tourist attractions of the prefecture, with real prizes being awarded at the end of the mystery.

The “Detective Conan” treasure hunt in western Tottori will have participants searching for the Adamantium Chain and Kagami’s Stake. The “Magic Kaito” treasure hunt in central Tottori has hidden the Emerald Drop and Sapphire Rain, and eastern Tottori’s “Yaiba” treasure hunt has two samurai-themed treasures for hunters to find.

The event will run from July 19th to September 23rd across Tottori Prefecture. Participation is free.

© Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan

“Detective Conan” Treasure Hunt 青山剛昌キャラクター コナン×キッド×ヤイバ 神話の国の秘宝伝
Yaiba, Detective Conan, and Magic Kaito

Tottori Prefecture Treasure Hunt