Concert Tour has been scheduled for the performance the famous music of RPG, such as those of Pokemon, Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy!


JAGMO Co., Ltd., a corporation for comprehensive music, has scheduled a Concert Tour, "The Legend of RPG Collectioin" to perform the masterpieces of legendary "game music" with an orchestra.

Following Chapter One, "Legend, Magic and Melody", held on June1, Chapter Two, " Harmony and the Shield of Legend " will be held on August 2, and
Chaper Three, "The Rhythm and Legendary Sword" will be held on October 4, both in Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Hall in Shinjuku. In addition to another concert to be held in December, a large-scale performance with a full orchestra is being planned for next February.

The music of "Pocket Monster", "Chrono Trigger", "Chrono Cross", "Romancing Saga 3", "Kingdom Hearts" and "Final Fantasy"
will be performed in both Chapter Two and Chapter Three concerts.

For each concert, an original program showcasing the best of the characteristics of symphony instruments has been organized. In addition to producing each concert, based on the concept that the performance would develop as the entire "game story" , the exquisite musical selections will be performed as the Game made up of the story of RPG.

Being "Game Music" that has integrated the old and new music of the East and the West, we have incorporated into its orchestra all kinds of musical instruments that have not been used much in the orchestras until now, so as to realize the performance of music that excels both in exquisite artistry and expression.

The "Multi-Talent", Ms.Choko Nakagawa, has sent the following message, congratulating us on these concerts: "Congratulations on the Concert Tour. The live performance of RPG will certainly fill the concert hall with its special Music and Fantasy, thrilling the audience with endless excitement."

The price of the tickets for Chapter Two: Advance sale: 5,500 yen; same day sale: 5,500 yen.
The price of the tickets for Chapter three: Advance sale: 6,000 yen; same day sale : 6,500 yen.

Information on the time of the concerts and the methods of purchasing the tickets, etc. is available on our Homepage.