Faithful Reproductions of “Kill la Kill” Aikuro Mikisugi Sunglasses and Houka Inumuta Glasses

“Kill la Kill” Aikuro Mikisugi Sunglasses  美木杉愛九郎サングラス
“Aikuro Mikisugi Sunglasses”

Although the television series has ended, enthusiasm for “Kill la Kill” has still not cooled. “Aikuro Mikisugi Sunglasses” = 8000 yen and “Houka Inumuta Glasses” from “Kill la Kill” have arrived, and reservations are starting on the Character Apparel & Goods EC site on COSPA.

While he’s Ryuko Matoi’s homeroom teacher, Aikuro Mikisugi also holds the rank of Splendid Naked Officer in the mysterious organization “Nudist Beach.” Those very sunglasses that he wore as a teacher have arrived. With silver mirrored lenses in a retro teardrop style, these sunglasses are tastefully made and suitable for daily use. The “Nudist Beach” logo is printed on the interior of the temple.

Honnouji Academy Elite Four member Houka Inumuta’s favorite distinctive glasses are also hitting the scene. With the same novel design that appeared in the series, the temple and bridge were designed delicately so as not to stand out. You can bring your pair to Glasses Shop “Coolense” to have the lenses exchanged for prescription lenses.

The Aikuro Mikisugi Sunglasses are 8000 yen, and the Houka Inumuta Glasses are 9000 yen (both excluding sales tax.) Both are expected to be available in early August.
©TRIGGER,Kazuki Nakashima/Kill la Kill Partnership

“Kill la Kill” Aikuro Mikisugi  美木杉愛九郎
Aikuro Mikisugi

“Houka Inumuta Glasses” 犬牟田宝火メガネ
“Houka Inumuta Glasses”

Houka Inumuta 犬牟田宝火
Houka Inumuta

“Aikuro Mikisugi Sunglasses”
“Houka Inumuta Glasses”
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