Make Your Room Smell Like Doraemon Characters with New Room Fragrances

Doraemon Room Fragrances ドラえもん ルームフレグランス
Doraemon Room Fragrances
© Fujiko-Pro, Shogakukan

Fashion brand PIIT is currently selling a line of room fragrances based on characters from manga and anime series Doraemon.

The four fragrances, based on characters Nobita, Shizuka-chan, Gian, and Suneo, are designed to smell like each character’s respective bedroom. The woodsy Nobita fragrance is designed to stand for adventure, while Shizuka-chan’s flower-scented fragrance represents her girlishness. Gian’s fragrance represents the peacefulness of his room in the corner of the Goda family store, and Suneo’s reflects his expensive, upscale room.

Each room fragrance retails for 3,800 yen, plus tax.

Doraemon Room Fragrances
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