Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the opening of Tokyo Station, a short film, an original animation, was produced. Its teaser video was released.

時季(とき)は巡る~TOKYO STATION~
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It was announced that a short film, an original animation. had been produced to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the opening of Tokyo Station this year. The work introduced the attractive spots of this station. Its 30-second teaser video was released on March 26. It was a collaborative production of M-ON! Entertainment, A-1 Pictures and Tokyo Station City Management Council.

With Tokyo Station as its setting, this animation develops the theme, "the love of family that transcended time". 「Toki ha meguru」, the music of Yu Sakai, a male singer and song writer, has been appointed to run throughout the work.The story begins with the soon to be married twenty-five year old Misaki who discovers something from the time when her father was on the station staff of Tokyo Station. They are some old photographs of the station and a broken pocket watch.

A-1 Pictures. which has been continuously producing popular works of animation. such as 「anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day」,「Space Brothers」and 「Big Windup」, was in charge of its production, so this teaser video is high in quality. The release of its main version is highly anticipated.

The main version is expected to be released in May.

時季(とき)は巡る~TOKYO STATION~
The dome-shaped ceiling above the north entrance of Marunouchi in Tokyo Station.

YouTube : Tokyo Station City Management Council