Final Fantasy VII Orchestral Concert to be Held in Tokyo

Game Symphony Japan
The concert will be performed by the Tokyo Chamber Orchestra.

On June 21st, an orchestral concert featuring the music of classic video game Final Fantasy VII will be held at Tokyo’s Suntory Hall.

The concert will be the first in the series of Game Symphony Japan (GSJ) performances by professional orchestras. It is produced by Aim Village, with Final Fantasy series composer Nobuo Uematsu acting as special musical advisor.

The concert, divided into three movements, will present the story of Final Fantasy VII through its soundtrack, from beginning to end. In addition to famous pieces such as “One-Winged Angel” and “Aerith’s Theme”, the orchestra will also perform overworld and battle music, presenting a complete repertoire that conjures the emotions felt when playing the game.

This will be the first performance dedicated entirely to Final Fantasy music held at Suntory Hall, a classical venue that provides the acoustics and environment necessary for such an event. The music will be performed by the Tokyo Chamber Orchestra, who has been performing video game music since the 1980s, and conducted by leading game music conductor Kenichi Shimura. Also taking part in the performance will be series composer Nobuo Uematsu.

The concert will be held from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM. Tickets cost 10,000, 8,500, or 6,500 yen, and ordering instructions and other details are available at the event’s web site.


Part 1 (Arranger: Tomomichi Takeoka)
* Opening ? Bombing Mission / Mako Reactor / Bombing Mission
* Flowers Blooming in the Church / Hurry! / Let the Battles Begin! / Fanfare
* Shinra Company / Trail of Blood / Fight On! / Crazy Motorcycle
* Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII

Part 2 (Arranger: Souhei Kano)
* On That Day, Five Years Ago / Those Chosen by the Planet
* Gold Saucer / Words Drowned by Fireworks
* Heart of Anxiety / Who… Am I? / Aerith’s Theme
* From the Edge of Despair / Other Side of the Mountain / The Highwind Takes to the Skies
* Cosmo Canyon / Dear to the Heart / Lifestream
* The Nightmare Begins / J-E-N-O-V-A

Part 3 (Arranger: Yutaka Kimura)
* The North Cave / Judgment Day / Reunion / Jenova Absolute
* Birth of a God / One-Winged Angel
* The Planet’s Crisis / Staff Roll

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