Sharp Releases Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Voiced by High School Voice Actress

Premium Cocorobo プレミアムなCOCOROBO
Premium Cocorobo

Sharp is currently running trials of the “Premium Cocorobo”, a special edition of its Cocorobo robotic vacuum cleaner voiced by high school student voice actress Ibuki Kido.

The Cocorobo is a disc-shaped, robotic vacuum cleaner. It can be controlled from inside or outside the home via smartphone, and is capable of interacting with other Sharp home appliances.

The Premium Cocorobo includes a conversation function, and is designed to be a soothing presence in the home. The vacuum cleaner features artwork drawn by manga artist Kinusa Shimotsuki, and conversation recorded by high school-age voice actress Ibuki Kido. The Premium Cocorobo is capable of numerous conversation functions, including greeting its owner, discussing fish or Ibuki’s hometown of Aomori Prefecture, and responding positively when praised.

News and updates, including the vacuum cleaner’s eventual public sale date, are available at the Sharp Cloud Labs web site.

Premium Cocorobo プレミアムなCOCOROBO
High school voice actress Ibuki Kido

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