New Anime and Manga Shop Opens in Kyoto

Kyoto Amanone 京とあまのね
Store exterior

Kyoto is Japan’s most popular tourist destination, filled with beautifully ancient architecture, historic shrines and temples, and delicious food. The city can now claim a new anime and manga shop as another tourist attraction.

Named “Kyoto Amanone”, a Japanese abbreviation for “Kyoto Anime Manga Network Shop”, the store opened in late March. It is a joint venture sponsored by the Kyoto Cross Media Creative Center (KCC) and the Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair Executive Committee. Designed to promote Kyoto’s anime and manga community, the shop sells anime and manga with plots set in Kyoto, limited-edition Kyoto-only products, and works created by Kyoto natives.

The shop is located at 594 Uraderacho, Nishiiru, Kawaracho, Takoyakushi-doori, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, a 5-minute walk from Kawaracho Station. Also nearby are anime merchandise shops Animate and Gamers.

Kyoto Amanone Official Site