Our "GIRLS und PANZER" neckties: just turn them over to feel better!

Yukari Akiyama necktie 秋山優花里ネクタイ
"Yukari Akiyama necktie". When the going gets tough, give your tie a quick flip to feel fine!
©GIRLS und PANZER Projekt

Characters from smash hit anime "GIRLS und PANZER" are printed on the "Miho Nishizumi" and "Yukari Akiyama" neckties — now available to reserve from NijigenCOSPA.

On the back of these simple striped neckties is printed a full-color illustration of Miho Nishizumi, who gives you a wink and a smile, or Yukari Akiyama, clad in her dancing monkfish costume. From the front, they look like regular striped ties, so you can use them even in the everyday business world without giving away their secret. When you need a break from the working life, just flip over your necktie!

The loop on the back even has the detail of the Oarai Girls' High School logo printed in English type.

The figure retails for 4,500 yen, plus tax. It will be released in mid-May.

表から見るとシンプルなストライプタイ ©GIRLS und PANZER Projekt
From the front, it looks like a simple striped tie
©GIRLS und PANZER Projekt

The Oarai Girls' H.S. logo is printed on the necktie loop
©GIRLS und PANZER Projekt

Miho Nishizumi necktie 西住みほネクタイ
"Miho Nishizumi necktie"
©GIRLS und PANZER Projekt