Usamaru Furuya and Other Manga Artists Will Draw Your Portrait for 300,000 Yen

Usamaru Furuya Fumi Nikaido 古屋兎丸 二階堂ふみ
Usamaru Furuya artwork sample “2011.11.11 Shinjuku”. The model is actress Fumi Nikaido. The image is taken from “Fumi Nikaido Photo Book: Shinkyuu Dekiru ka na”, published by Kodansha in 2012.

Ohta Publishing’s web magazine Pocopoco has started a service that allows customers to commission portraits from professional manga artists.

The project is designed to commemorate the site’s third anniversary. Users can enter in a random drawing for the chance to commission a portrait from professional manga artists Usamaru Furuya and Shintaro Kago and illustrator Kana Ohtsuki for 300,000 yen.

Each artist will use a different style for the commissions. For example, Shintaro Kago will create a miniature version of his unique portrait style, while Kana Ohtsuki will create hers in the style of her well-known “Shojo Portrait Series”.

The first period for submissions will run from April 1st to April 30th, with finished artwork to be completed in the fall. Applicants must submit multiple full-body or waist-up photos of themselves with the approximate pose and facial expression they want represented in the artwork. Requests for characters or persons other than the applicant are not allowed.

Information on the submission process and other details is available at the magazine’s official site.

Shintaro Kago 駕籠真太郎
Shintaro Kago artwork sample “Hana”.

Kana Ohtsuki 大槻香奈
Kana Ohtsuki artwork sample “Yuuhi”.

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