Long-awaited art exhibition of “Kara no Kyokai” coming soon!

Kara no Kyokai 空の境界
“Art exhibition: Kara no Kyokai”

Fans of both “Kara no Kyokai” and Takashi Takeuchi are celebrating “Art exhibition: Kara no Kyokai”, going to be held from 20th March at Tokyo’s pixiv Zingaro with the abided excitement from 2013’s eighth film “Future Gospel”.

“Kara no Kyokai” is a Japanese light novel series by Kinoko Nasu, of a heroine Shiki Ryōgi who possesses the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. 19 selected art pieces by Takashi Takeuchi, illustrator and key person of this work for fifteen years will be displayed. Though a cozy venue it is, the 19 pieces will welcome you with air of excitement.

Best reproduction method of TOPPAN PRINTING’s primographies for all 19 pieces with Takeshi Takeuchi’s autograph will be limitedly accepted orders at the site. However, you need to answer 4 out of 5 quizzes prepared at the site correctly to purchase these primographies, tapestries and panels (without autographs).

There are also postcards and pamphlets you can purchase without answering the quizzes. Both who are confident in answering the quizzes, and those who are not, do visit the site and you will surely enjoy the world of “Kara no Kyokai”.

pixiv Zingaro “Art exhibition: Kara no Kyokai” Official page
Movie “Kara no Kyokai: Future Gospel” Official Website