LiSA and Eir Aoi Perform in Taipei, Taiwan

SakuraGaku 完全櫻樂團 動漫櫻樂之夜
Taking photos with the fans after the show.

On Saturday, March 1st, Japanese singers LiSA and Eir Aoi performed at the ATT Show Box in Taipei, Taiwan, at an event organized by Taiwanese TV program “SakuraGaku”.

The event was created by Taiwanese TV network Sanlih, and was presented by “SakuraGaku”, a Japanese pop culture segment on one of the network’s long-running variety shows. The recent event is the second such concert, following a performance by Japanese band Babymetal in February.

The concert was kicked off with a performance from vocalist Eir Aoi, who took the stage to a capacity crowd waving blue glow sticks. This performance was Eir’s second in Taiwan, but unlike last year’s appearance, she was accompanied this time by a live band, making for an even more powerful showing than last time. Between songs, she addressed the audience in Chinese, displaying her increased knowledge of the language since her last visit to Taiwan. Her performance, which started with “Innocence”, the second opening theme to anime series “Sword Art Online”, and ended with debut single “Memoria”, had the local crowd going wild, and the fans were left chanting her name at the end of the set.

Following Eir Aoi’s performance was the long-awaited Taiwanese live debut of vocalist LiSA. As her name was projected on the stage’s video screens and the fans began to wave pink glow sticks, LiSA kicked off her performance with “Rock-Mode”, leading into debut single and “Fate/Zero” theme song “Oath Sign”. The fans were with her from the first note, thrilled to be present for her first performance in Taiwan. LiSA worked Chinese words and phrases into her between-song speeches, even attempting some local humor. Her set ended with “Sword Art Online” opening theme “Crossing Field”, nearly overpowered by the ecstatic Taiwanese fans singing along in Japanese.

All too soon, the show was over, and fans were left with indelible memories of Eir Aoi and LiSA’s powerful, full band-accompanied sets. In addition to musical performances, being an anime song-themed event, a cosplay competition was held between Eir Aoi and LiSA’s sets, and following LiSA’s performance, the two singers presented the awards to the winners onstage.

SakuraGaku 完全櫻樂團 動漫櫻樂之夜
Eir Aoi

SakuraGaku 完全櫻樂團 動漫櫻樂之夜
Eir Aoi

SakuraGaku 完全櫻樂團 動漫櫻樂之夜
The audience, holding a sea of blue glow sticks, resembled the ocean.

SakuraGaku 完全櫻樂團 動漫櫻樂之夜
Eir Aoi

SakuraGaku 完全櫻樂團 動漫櫻樂之夜
Eir Aoi

SakuraGaku 完全櫻樂團 動漫櫻樂之夜
The cosplay contest, presented by popular Taiwanese cosplayer Ely.

SakuraGaku 完全櫻樂團 動漫櫻樂之夜
An energetic LiSA ran around the stage from the very

SakuraGaku 完全櫻樂團 動漫櫻樂之夜

SakuraGaku 完全櫻樂團 動漫櫻樂之夜
The audience, packed tight with pink glow sticks.

SakuraGaku 完全櫻樂團 動漫櫻樂之夜

SakuraGaku 完全櫻樂團 動漫櫻樂之夜

Event Data:

Date: Saturday, March 1st, 2014
Venue: ATT Show Box, Taipei, Taiwan

Running Order:

1. Eir Aoi Live Performance
2. Cosplay Contest Finals
3. LiSA Live Performance
4. Cosplay Contest Award Presentation


Eir Aoi:
1. Aurora
2. Sanbika
3. Kasumi
4. Niji no Oto
5. Kuroi Uta
6. Astral
7. Sirius
8. Cobalt Sky
9. Innocence
10. Memoria

1. Rock-Mode
2. Oath Sign
3. Canvas Boy x Palette Girl
4. Traumerei
5. Ichiban no Takaramono
6. Shiroitoiki
7. Wild Candy
8. Confidence Driver
9. Crossing Field
Encore Break
10. Crow Song

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