Science Magazine Includes Hatsune Miku Keyboard

Singing Keyboard Pocket Miku 歌うキーボード ポケット・ミク
Singing Keyboard Pocket Miku

On April 3rd, a special edition of book-like science magazine “Otona no Kagaku” (“Adult Science”) will go on sale paired with “Pocket Miku”, a miniature Hatsune Miku keyboard.

The keyboard, a completely new type of sound generator, is created by Yamaha and known as the eVocaloid LSI NSX-1. It consists of a carbon printed piano keyboard that, when played with the included stylus, utilizes Hatsune Miku’s sound data to output her voice through the built-in speaker. 5 buttons control the vowel sound produced by Miku, and the keyboard includes preset songs that can be played automatically. The keyboard also includes vibrato and octave up/down functions.

The magazine and keyboard retail for 4,980 yen, plus tax.

Singing Keyboard Pocket Miku 歌うキーボード ポケット・ミク
The keyboard can “sing” in Hatsune Miku’s voice.

Singing Keyboard Pocket Miku (“Otona no Kagaku” Magazine Special Edition)
Otona no
Hatsune Miku V3 (Crypton)