Eir Aoi World Wide Web Fan Meeting !!!


Japanese anime song singer, Eir Aoi is streaming a special USTREAM program out to the world on February 3rd! She has appeared in many international events, and has recently just released her new album "AUBE" available for download in more than 40 countries.
This special program will be held with "YATTAR JAPAN", a web site known to introduce Japanese pop culture to the world. Eir Aoi's fans from around the world will gather online and actually participate this program by asking her questions.
We will be collecting questions to Eir Aoi in advance. You can submit your questions through twitter by using the hashtag (#eir_yattar) or by sending a message to Eir Aoi official facebook page. If you're lucky, your question might be answered by her during the program!
In addition to this, don't forget to check out Eir Aoi's exclusive live movie of "INNOCENCE" which will on air during the program! This movie has never been released in the past!!
If you are a fan of Eir Aoi...you can't miss this special program!

■program on air details
Monday, February 3rd, 2014
starting 19:30 (Japan time)
*on air time TBD

■URL to watch this program

■How to submit your questions to Eir Aoi
・Through Twitter - use hashtag #eir_yattar or
・Send message to Official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/aoieir

※Please be aware that this program might not be available through some devises.
※Please understand that program delays or cancels might occur in case of technical difficulties related to internet connection.
※There is a possibility that the program streaming time might be changed depending on several reasons. (※There are no plans of repeat streaming for this program)

The questions from Eir Aoi
What is your most favorite Eir’s song and why you choose the song?

What kind of local food, place, culture etc you are proud of and wish to introduce to Eir?
And are there any special place where you wish to show Eir over?

What kind of food or drink is good for your throat in your country & region? (For example, ginger is good for throat)