Radikan Press Releases “Akiba Girls Collection” Photo Compendium

AKIBAガールズコレクション Akiba Girls Collection
Himeka Date (Mononopu)
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Akihabara information site Radikan Press has released the winter 2013 edition of their “Akiba Girls Collection” photo compendium, featuring 190 photos of girls from Akihabara’s maid cafes and other establishments.

The project was created for the web edition of popular free magazine Radikan, and consists of 50 employees of Akihabara’s maid cafes, amusement centers, arcades, game stores, concert venues, and restaurants. The cosplay enthusiasts of Radikan’s staff compiled approximately 1,000 minutes of interview and photo session time with the selected girls.

Establishments featured in the compendium include feudal-themed maid cafe and bar Mononopu, police cosplay-themed reflexology massage parlor Shutsudo! Akiba Fumimomi Police, train bar Little TGV, maid darts bar Loop, mahjong parlor teMpane, anime merchandise retailer Mandarake Complex, video game store Sofmap Amusement, drug store and maid cafe Akiba Drug & Cafe, and traditional drinking establishment Bar Sekirei, among others.

All photos and information are available at Radikan Press’s official site. Photos from the fall 2013 edition are also available at the site.

AKIBAガールズコレクション Akiba Girls Collection
Yukkiina (Akiba Drug & Cafe)
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