Cosplay Facility Animate Sunshine Opens on Female Otaku Mecca Otome Road

Animate Sunshine アニメイトサンシャイン
Cosplay photo studio HACOSTADIUM Cosset Ikebukuro.

On November 22nd, cosplay facility Animate Sunshine fully opened on Ikebukuro’s Otome Road.

The 8-floor building is located on Otome Road, a shopping street for female otaku in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Floors 1 through 3 are occupied by cosplay merchandise retailer ACOS Ikebukuro. The 4th floor houses Lashinbang Ikebukuro Clothing Shop, a store that buys and sells used cosplay clothing and doll merchandise. The 5th and 6th floors hold cosplay photo HACOSTADIUM Cosset Ikebukuro, while anime-themed restaurant Animate Cafe takes up the 7th and 8th floors.

Much like the rest of the retail outlets located on Otome Road, the selection of shops is aimed at female otaku. ACOS Ikebukuro sells a wide selection of cosplay merchandise, including weapons, cosmetics, costume patterns, accessories, and wigs. HACOSTADIUM Cosset Ikebukuro measures approximately 300 square meters, and holds a variety of photo sets, including areas patterned after a classroom, club activities room, candy shop, and abandoned building, as well as a “monochrome gothic room”, “antique Christmas”, and “near future stage”. A 3D photo booth is planned for next spring.

Animate Sunshine アニメイトサンシャイン
Animate Sunshine exterior

Animate Sunshine アニメイトサンシャイン
A wide range of cosplay merchandise is sold.

Animate Sunshine アニメイトサンシャイン
Classroom photo studio

Animate Sunshine アニメイトサンシャイン
Abandoned building photo studio

Animate Sunshine
HACOSTADIUM Cosset Ikebukuro